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Virgo Horoscope for February 2023 – Susan Miller Astrology Zone

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Your Horoscope for Virgo

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You have been working so hard since Mars entered your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement last August 20. No doubt you are making impressive progress, too. This has been going on for nearly six months, and you still have a month to go, to the end of March, before the pace and the pressure to perform will lighten up. Mars’ position in Gemini has been the reason for this flurry of sustained activity, and Mars will move on to Cancer on March 25.

Mars, planet of energy, action, and courage, went into sleepy retrograde on October 30 and finally went direct last month on January 12. Mercury, your ruling planet, also languished in retrograde on December 29 until it went direct January 18. The trouble is, no planet jumps to life instantly when it goes direct. The turn of these planets to direct is not like turning on a light switch. The planet needs time to ramp up its energy to former strength. In the case of Mercury, he will be at full power by February 6. For Mars, it will take until March 16 for him to reach full power, but already Mars is in better shape than he was. Be excited to hear that, at long last, every day brings a stronger, better environment for you to see work progress and productivity.

Additionally, this month, Saturn is in his last days of Aquarius (your sixth house) before moving on to a new sign next month. Hosting Saturn in the sixth house can be tough. It gives quite a bit of work, but not enough team members to carry the load. If you tried to hire help, you had “slim pickin’s”—in other words, you didn’t feel anyone you interviewed was up to the job. Saturn in the sixth house, where you have hosted Saturn for nearly three years, can bring difficulty hiring workers for your department.

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