Friday, December 1, 2023

Phantom Peak transforms into Hallowed Peak – get tickets to the spooky event now

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Phantom Peak, London’s most immersive experience, just got even spookier.

Attendees will be sent through a portal into a brand-new world where they are greeted by dozens of actors, a river, shops, merchandise, countless mysteries, and a palpable lore that will encapsulate everyone.

On top of that, Phantom Peak just announced its Halloween event: Hallowed Peak: Lunar Festival.

To expand on all of the unbelievable activities and events kicking off around the 30,000 sq ft town of Phantom Peak, the spirits are about to rise with even more excitement across October.

The limited-time event will see the town “plagued by ghouls, spectres and oddly familiar monsters”. And if you thought Phantom Peak wasn’t mysterious enough, old secrets are “boiling under the surface of this pleasant town”.

Players at Phantom Peak will be thrilled by possessions, ghastly truths from the past, summonings, and a mysteriously disturbed grave, with a haunting monster on the loose, as well.

It isn’t all flair, though; there are a lot of new and returning features to the Phantom Peak game, as well.

A Spooky Séance can be added to your ticket to give you access to the abandoned laboratory, giving you a chance to commune with the dead and receive some (maybe!) helpful advice on your game trail.

There’s also a costume contest kicking off, with prizes up for grabs for those with the most spine-chilling fashion sense.

With ten new terrifying trails, an election battle involving Mayor Pocket, the rise of the Cosmic Platypus and the Infernal Echidna… yeah, there’s a lot going on.

This is not an experience to be missed, and Phantom Peak / Hallowed Peak tickets are out right now.

Here’s everything you need to know:

Phantom Peak tickets are available right now, and any tickets bought for October will automatically be involved in the Hallowed Peak event.

Buy Phantom Peak tickets here

You can also upgrade your tickets to gain access to the Spooky Séance for FREE – which is sure to creep your socks off.

Grab Spooky Séance tickets here

For more information on the event, visit the Phantom Peak website here.

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