Monday, March 4, 2024

Migrant electrocuted on roof of Eurostar heading to London

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A man identified as a migrant has died after being electrocuted while climbing on top of a Eurostar train in Paris set for London.

The unnamed individual suffered fatal injuries when he came into contact with the live wire above the stationary train in Paris’ Gare du Nord station last Thursday, according to police sources.

Security camera footage showed the man crossing over tracks from another platform at the station at around 10pm local time on February 8, before suffering the electric shock.

The daily Le Parisien newspaper reported that his body had burst into flames upon contact with the live wire.

He died at the scene half an hour later, prosecutors in Paris said.

Police confirmed that while they were convinced the man was a migrant, the condition of his dead body after the electric shock did not allow for more precise identification.

The incident was reported to have caused some disruption to the scheduled service of the Eurostar trains.

Prosecutors said they had opened an investigation into the circumstances of the death, which will be led by border police at the Gare du Nord station

Eurostar trains leaving from Gare du Nord link Paris with Brussels and Amsterdam, as well as London via the Channel Tunnel.

The death comes after Paris and London said last week they would step up efforts to prevent irregular crossings by migrants to the UK, most of which are by small boats across the Channel.

The last time a migrant died from electrocution after attempting to stow away on top of a Eurostar was in 2017.

While the number of migrants crossing the Channel via trucks and trains is thought to have dropped in recent years due to higher security, small boat crossings have rocketed.

Last Saturday alone, a total of 124 migrants on board three small boats made the dangerous crossing, the Home Office confirmed.

The latest arrivals bring the total for the year to 1,506, which is down from the 2,072 recorded by the same point in 2023 but up from 1,339 in 2022.

The number of people intercepted by Border Force in the second week of February is 171 while the highest number who crossed in a single day in 2024 was 358 on Jan 17.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has made ‘stopping the boats’ a key pledge of his leadership, as the country approaches a general election.

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