Thursday, February 22, 2024

London residents invited to have their say on HS2 Headhouse designs

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has launched a consultation into its proposed designs for the headhouse at its Euston Portal.

Feedback on the designs are being conducted through an online survey, and comments are invited from both the local community in and the wider public by email or over the phone by 17th March 2024.

After considering the comments HS2 will respond in the before submitting a final planning application (Schedule 17) to Camden Council for approval.

In total, eight headhouses will be built in by HS2’s London tunnels contractor, joint venture (SCS JV).

They will be located above ventilation shafts for the tunnels and also provide emergency access.

Euston Portal Headhouse seen from the West Coast Mainline. // Credit: HS2

The Euston portal headhouse is at the entrance to Euston tunnel and the closest to Euston station.

It will contain lifts, mechanical, and electrical equipment, as well as emergency access to and from the track.

In comparison to the scale of the cutting the headhouse is a modest size, and incorporates an acoustic barrier to absorb noise from the operational railway and minimise disturbance to the local community.

Southbound view of Euston Portal Headhouse seen from  from Park Village East. // Credit: HS2
Southbound view of Euston Portal Headhouse seen from Park Village East. // Credit: HS2

Designed by Design House, which is a joint venture between Arup, TYPSA, and STRABAG, the Euston Portal headhouse is inspired by the local area which has a diverse mix of Victorian to post war styles of buildings.

It is being built along Park Village East, south of Morning Street Bridge in Camden and will have a maximum height of 8 metres, and a 3.2 metre wall will separate the critical safety infrastructure for HS2 from the road.

To merge with existing greenery on Park Village East, greenery and shrubs will be planted around the headhouse and on the roof.

Comments are invited on the materials for the building, with possible options including Staffordshire blue brick to match buildings in the local area, or red brick to complement the brickwork of Park Village East.

Options for an access gate on Park Village East are a timber effect or dark paint finish. The public are also being asked to provide other suggestions on how they suggest the proposed design could be improved.

Southbound view of Euston Portal Headhouse seen from  from Mornington Terrace. // Credit: HS2
Southbound view of Euston Portal Headhouse seen from Mornington Terrace. // Credit: HS2

An information events to present the designs and options will be held at the Surma Community Centre during lunchtime and early evening on Tuesday, 27 February, and an online information event will be held on 28 and 29 February.

Further information about the designs and the procedure to provide feedback can be found online at

Speaking about the proposals, Kay Hughes, Design Director for HS2 Ltd said: “HS2 is not only getting the technical aspects of the railway right, we are also ensuring that our buildings work with their surroundings in both scale and form. We have carefully considered how the building and the technical elements are integrated in a sensitive context between the railway and Park Village East. The community are being asked to give feedback on a range of materials for the building that will ensure it blends into the area.”

James Richardson, Managing Director of Skanska Costain STRABAG JV said: “The Euston Portal headhouse designs mirror the vibrant history of this thriving part of central London, and we are thrilled to present the different design options to those living and working in the Euston area. We look forward to drawing on local knowledge and expertise to shape the final design of the headhouse.”

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