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“Like It’s Actually Scripted”: NFL World Left In Awe Of Shocking Brett Favre-Aaron Rodgers Similarity

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Aaron Rodgers could be capable of testing the patience of a saint. The Packers QB encountered a crossroads regarding his career and went to a ‘darkness retreat’ to find clarity. But the delay in revealing his plans since his return has the NFL world’s patience running thin. However, as fans speculate about A-Rod’s potential decision, they have ample time to join the dots and compare the QB’s present to events from the past.

Many in the NFL world expected Aaron Rodgers to finish his career with the only team he’s played with, which is the Green Bay Packers. However, a dismal season followed by speculation of a takeover by the Packers’ backup QB Jordan Love has caused chaos. But, Rodgers himself is unsure if he wants to retire or head to another franchise. In light of the recent events, fans recognized the repetition of history and it blew their minds. Here’s a look at the instance that has the NFL world flabbergasted.

Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre’s career trajectories feel eerily similar


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As the speculation surrounding Aaron Rodgers’ future increases by the day, the New York Jets have become the top contenders as a potential landing spot for the QB. However, here’s a look at one particular instance that seemed like déjà vu.

In 2008 A-Rod was crowned as the Packers’ leading man after veteran Brett Favre’s exit. Now, the situation came to a full circle when rumors of current Green Bay backup QB Jordan Love’s potential promotion as Rodgers’ replacement surfaced. But that isn’t the most mind-boggling factoid.

NFL reporter Dov Kleiman took to Twitter to share the fact that Favre had also left the Packers at the age of 39 to play for the Jets. Rodgers, who is of the same age at present, is seemingly on the same path. The potential coincidence if Rodgers heads to the Jets is astonishing and fans couldn’t help but react to this turn of events.

The NFL world remarked on the Rodgers-Favre connection

The NFL world has a myriad of opinions when it comes to Rodgers’ future and the Favre factoid. Some users alluded to the conspiracy of NFL games being scripted and said

Another fan left a hilarious comment

One fan exclaimed


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There’s no doubt that Aaron Rodgers is still capable of leading a team. The 4x MVP is just the sort of candidate who can bring in experience and a good measure of sensibility. However, fans also know that the QB won’t budge under pressure. So, will A-Rod head to the Jets like Favre? While fans would’ve loved to know the answer to that question, currently, everything hinges on what the man in question has to say.

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