Thursday, February 22, 2024

“Bright Vachirawit” is top fashion influencer on Instagram

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Bright has global influence from collaboration with international brands and working alongside various A-list celebrities worldwide. Additionally, fans worldwide continuously show unwavering support.

He is the first Brand Ambassador from the Asia-Pacific region for Burberry.

Most recently, EMV reported a figure of US$2.3 million, or approximately 82 million baht, reflecting the momentum of Thai artists on the global fashion stage.

Actor, singer, and model Bright, with more than 18 million followers on Instagram, gained international popularity from his lead role in a Boy Love series, “2gether: The Series” in 2020. 

"Bright Vachirawit” is top fashion influencer on Instagram

In 2021, he also starred in Thailand’s remake of “F4: Boys Over Flowers”. He is currently one of the most prominent figures in the Thai entertainment industry, known for his charming personality, talent, and influence.

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