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Beyond A Master In Management: London Business School’s New 1-Year MBA

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A master in management degree is an increasingly popular choice for students about to graduate from college. But what happens a few years later, when the training that got them a great first job is not enough to keep their careers forging ahead? London Business School just announced their answer: a one-year MBA program that builds on the MiM.

“Top masters in management (MiM) programmes give students an amazing launch pad for their careers,” said David Simpson, director of admissions for the MBA and Master in Finance at LBS, in email correspondence. “Once people have worked for a few years, they are often ready to reflect on their experiences so far and build on their knowledge, skills and networks to take their careers to a different level.”

And yet young people may be put off by the thought of starting a one- or even two-year MBA from scratch, perhaps repeating much of the basic training in business that may have already been covered in the MiM.

Charlotte Smith, recruitment and admissions director for the graduate masters programs at LBS, confirms this from the special perspective of someone who works with masters students. In email correspondence, Smith observed that “not everyone on a MiM programme will have considered setting another two years aside to study for an MBA. However, the introduction of a one-year MBA will make the option more accessible and more attractive to those people who do decide to further expand their global network, or challenge their business thinking, after gaining professional experience.”

Enter LBS’ new one-year program that starts where the MiM left off.

“Rather than being an ‘accelerated MBA’ programme,” explained Simpson, “it is a one-year MBA with a pre-requisite for experienced Masters in Management (MiM) graduates to build on the knowledge they have from their masters to achieve an MBA without having to repeat the core part of the MBA programme that they will already have studied as part of their MiM.”

Get Ready To Apply

The first class of the new program will begin in August 2025. Prospective students keen on admission can begin planning now to apply when the admission portal opens in late July of this year. The elements of the application closely track those of a classic MBA application and demand the same careful attention.

The new program is not intended to follow directly after the MiM. Successful candidates must present work experience beyond their studies, comparable to that required of applicants to LBS’ regular MBA program. “Candidates will have at least three years’ relevant, high-quality work experience that demonstrates a strong track record of achievement,” says Simpson.

Application requirements include a MiM or related degree from an institution accredited by EQUIS and/or AACSB, or from a University of London member institution, a valid GMAT or GRE score, a professional reference and essays responding to the following questions, as posted on the LBS website:

Question 1. (500 words) What are your post-MBA goals and how will your prior experience and the London Business School programme contribute towards these?

Question 2. (500 words) (This question is optional) Is there any other information you believe the Admissions Committee should know about you and your application to London Business School?

It is clear that LBS intends to maintain the level of quality for which their high-ranking MBA program is renowned. Simpson says, “Successful candidates will meet all the entry standards – amount and quality of work experience, personal attributes, career ambition and academic capability – that apply to our two-year MBA programme. The programme will have a pre-programme and core courses, designed to ensure they meet the same, rigorous academic standard we expect of students on our two-year MBA programme at the end of year one.”

Some Future Leaders May Plan Their Education in Blocks

With the new program, LBS joins prestigious institutions such as Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business in offering master’s graduates admission into year two of a regular MBA program. While there are differences between the two, starting with their locations on opposite sides of the Atlantic, these programs likely point to a future trend that appeals to a shifting market.

The rise of the MiM degree has created an unprecedentedly large pool of young people who find themselves in an unusual position. The master degree has provided some training, but for many, not quite enough. The may be looking for not just more education, but the quality of training—and networking— that the very best business schools can offer.

“The MiM market is growing and is an excellent option in and of itself,” says Smith. “The one-year MBA programme allows us to meet the specific demand from top quality MiM graduates looking for a one-year MBA programme. We are able to meet this demand in a way that is complementary to our flagship two-year MBA and that maintains the quality of the world-class learning experience we offer.”

The new one-year MBA at LBS is not only a chance for young people who already have a MiM. It allows students who are still in college to imagine different paths to business success by consciously structuring blocks of training and work experience in new ways. Smith says, “We have already seen excitement in the market from undergraduate students who are planning ahead, already thinking about how they will build on their education in the future, following a MiM programme.”

The one-year MBA can be seen as part of a trend away from monolithic blocks—college, work, MBA, work—and toward business education that meets the needs of people at specific moments of their careers.

Did We Mention Excitement?

The LBS admissions team is looking forward to talking with interested students and sharing their excitement about the new program, LBS and the city of London. Simpson says, “For those who haven’t yet experienced London, the one-year MBA is a fantastic way to experience one of the world’s most exciting cities in a way that only London Business School students can do, alongside talented peers from all over the world and across many industries. For LBS’s MiMs it’s a way to get more of what you loved first time around, but with a more experienced perspective.”

To meet the team at online events or in person and to keep up with the latest information, register your interest on the LBS website.

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