Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Anti-Ulez campaigners block ‘every camera’ in London borough

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Mrs Hamilton, 40, who attended the protest as well said: “We can’t afford to buy a new car and if my son needs to go to hospital, I’m not going to wait for an ambulance – I’m going to drive him myself.”

While standing at the Rosehill Roundabout in Sutton, Mr Hamilton and his fellow activists received several beeps in support from drivers as they passed, including motorists in smaller and seemingly compliant cars.

“Even people who have compliant cars had to fork out and get unaffordable loans to buy these compliant cars,” Mr Hamilton said.

“So it’s all very well saying that people have compliant cars now, but they’ve still got that loan to pay off, that loan that they didn’t need during a cost of living crisis.”

Some anti-Ulez activists have previously taken their rage even further – with so-called “Blade-Runners” ripping down or damaging cameras – a criminal offence.

However, Mr Hamilton was keen to stress that his group would not be breaking the law.

He said: “Some of the cameras in the borough have already been deactivated. Obviously, that has nothing to do with us, we are not condoning any criminal activity.”

The Telegraph has approached the Mayor of London and Transport for London for a response.

A Met Police spokesman said: “Police are aware of a protest at the Rose Hill Roundabout in Sutton today, Sunday 11 February. The protest passed peacefully and no arrests were made. The group have now left the area.”

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